Ban on Australian Online Casinos

Australian officials have announced their intent to outlaw online gambling for Australian residents. The curious aspect of these intentions comes from the fact that they intend to leave telephone 'call-in' wagering in tact.

How much sense does this make? Is this just an atack on the internet itself? How much is this going to cost the online gambling industry?

These politicians are threatening $1,000,000 a day fines to online casinos and internet sportsbooks in an effort to deter problem gamblers. The only difference between placing a bet over the internet and wagering via the telephone is that you would use a keyboard instead of a handset. This doesn't make much sense at all, to answer one of the earlier questions.

Suppose you are a 'problem gambler' surfing the internet in search of online casinos where you can place bets with real cash. You happen upon a site that at one time offered online wagering but has now posted a statement that reads something like, "We are sorry for any inconvenience but due to current regulations, we are forced to have you pick up your phone and call this number (xxx-xxx-kcollier63) to place your wagers". Do you suppose the problem gambler will just say, "Oh, I guess it's not worth the hassle"?

If this becomes an ongoing trend in the gambling industry then many millions of dollars are sure to be lost...... by the casino operators rather than the avid gamblers in this case.

Here's a thought..... Could the land-based casinos be behind this legislation. I would imagine that they could be lobbying heavily for these types of actions. The other side of the coin is the fact that land-based casinos are in the infancy stages of entering the online gambling industry themselves. One thing is a sure bet... Gambling itself will outlive any legislation that comes to pass. It's just too big of an industry to roll over and die at the feet of these legislators.