Casino bonuses and free spins

Welcome to Europe’s number one site for casino bonuses and free spins. Here we list the European casinos with the best bonus offers, including free spins and cash bonuses. With a broad experience in the gaming industry. We have carefully singled out the best casinos online, and all casinos that have made it to this list meet our standard requirements both in terms of bonus offers and security.

All casinos and bonuses that we recommend on this site should be suitable for all types of players, experienced high-rollers as well as beginners who want to try their luck with some free spins.

Why choose a European online casino?

There are many reasons why we choose to focus exclusively on European casinos. They are secure, innovative, duty-free. And they have the best bonus offers. Let us start by saying that European casinos represent the highest possible security for players and their integrity. Us Europeans have always been one of the top leaders when it comes to online casino games, and in fact, development and innovation have become synonymous with European online casinos.Casino bonuses and free spins

This is largely because we are educated and we have always been on the leading edge when it comes to technology. One good example of this is that the best online casino game producer in the world is European. We are talking about NetEnt from Sweden. The company that has raised casino online gaming to new levels with their games that have made online gaming more accessible. And most of all. More fun and secure.

When we talk about European casinos it should be noted that all the casinos listed here are regulated and licensed in countries. Such as Malta. This means that, according to EU law. All winnings are duty-free, and even if the casino you’re playing at is a European casino. It is in most cases licensed in Malta. Needless to say. This is not favored by the governments, but these are EU regulations, and any infringement could involve severe fines.

Choose the right type of bonus for your gaming style

We are a casino guide that wants to help different types of players, beginners as well as more experienced gamers, to find the right bonus. We will explain the differences between various types of bonuses offered on online casinos, and specify the type of player these bonuses are most suitable for. Whether it is a newcomer bonus or a high-roller bonus or any bonus in between. This will allow you to find the bonus most suitable for you! Even though all bonuses offered on this site are good in a general sense, in the end, what kind of bonus that you will benefit from depends on what type of gamer you are.

No deposit free spins

This is a common type of bonus that new players are most likely to benefit from. It is a bonus that many European casinos offer new players opening free accounts on their sites. You will often see offers such as “sign up and get a 50 free spins no deposit bonus”. This is a way for the casinos to let players try their games for free in order to attract new players to their site. Some players use these bonuses to play without ever paying a single cent. And still being able to win real money! These so called bonus hunters are constantly on the lookout for new bonus offers that will let them play for free.

Free spins deposit bonus

Most European casinos recommended on this site offer free spins to players making their first deposit. This means that once you have made your first active deposit, the casino will award you with extra free spins. Offers may look like this: “Make your first deposit today and get 100 free spins on Starburst”. Many European casinos offer as many as 500 free spins on the first deposit, so if you like playing with free spins. This is the kind of offer you should look for.

Double your money when making a deposit

This is a typical bonus that often looks like this: “Deposit 100 Euro and get 200 Euro to play with right away“, or “Get 100 percent on deposits up to 300 Euro”. This means that the casino will double your first deposit up to a certain limit, 300 Euro as in our example. This is the most common type of casino bonus that you will come across, and it is an opportunity that most players don’t want to miss.

Recurring bonuses, free spins and re-load

Most of the casinos listed and recommended on this site are the ones we consider to be the best casinos in all of Europe. All of them offer recurring bonuses to all customers and players. The reason for this, as you might have guessed, is that they want you to continue playing at their casino. This is why they offer anything from free spins and deposit bonuses to cash bonuses. So keep your eyes open, there are lots of great casino bonuses out there. We will do regular updates to provide you with the best and most lucrative bonuses for returning players.

What is a casino bonus, and how does it work?

A casino bonus is an incentive for us players to choose the casino with the best so called casino bonuses. There are many different kinds of bonuses that players can take into consideration. But before we go into the details on how these bonuses work. Let us first mention some important points about the bonuses. First of all. It is important to choose the right casino.

There are thousands of gaming companies on the internet who will do anything to attract us players to their site. And how do they do this? The methods can be anything from launching ad campaigns to offering free casino bonuses and other bonuses. But what if we look past all the enticements and look at facts, history and experience instead.

How do we choose a casino based on these criteria? If a casino is owned by a large company and offers a great variety of different products. Like Betsson. Then that casino is a safe choice. You can be sure that your personal details and bank transactions will be maintained with all possible measures of secrecy. Withdrawals and other transactions are handled effectively and without fuss. Below you can find a list of the best and most secure European casinos in our opinion, and these are also the biggest sites according to company reports and total player count.

Different types of casino bonuses

Now we will go deeper into casino bonuses and the different types of bonuses, and most importantly, we will explain some rules and regulations concerning the bonuses. The bonuses also have some good points, and downsides, that should be mentioned. Let us start with the good points; what is it that makes us players want to say yes to a casino bonus when we make our deposits or open an account? According to statistics, the average deposit made by players is 300 Euro, so what do casinos do to increase the possibility of players making a second,

third and fourth deposit? All European casinos today offer deposit bonuses that may look like this: “Deposit 300 Euro and start playing with 600 Euro + 100 free spins”. So what is the appeal of such a bonus? Simple mathematics tells us that this bonus will give players 300 Euro and 100 extra spins for free to play with on a slot machine chosen by the casino. So what is the benefit of a casino bonus? The simple answer is that it lets you play more for the same amount of money, and statistically, it increases your chances of scoring your big win.

– So what are the downsides of a casino bonus?

After all, one does not get anything for free, not even a casino bonus, be it a deposit bonus or a sign-up bonus with free spins. Most casino bonuses have conditions, which are usually stated in the small print among the rules and regulations. So what do these conditions look like? Let us imagine that you have decided to open an account at Casino X and get 20 free spins without wagering requirements when you sign up.

You get 20 free rounds on Starburst and win 88 Euro. Congratulations! But does this money really belong to you? Or is it just bonus money owned by the casino? Yes, in fact it is. So what can you do to get the money? If you read the casino’s rules and regulations it is often stated that “winnings on free spins must be wagered at least 45 times”.

This means that you will have to wager those 88 Euro at least 45 times. Let us perform some simple mathematics; 88 Euro x 45 = 3960 Euro. This means that you have to play with those 88 Euro until you reach the amount of 3960 Euro. Impossible? No, but difficult, to say the least. Let us do some additional calculating for you to see whether a bonus is worth claiming or not. Think of it this way, one of the most popular slots right now is Starburst.

The return-to-player rate is now at 97,8 percent. So if you have 88 Euro at your disposal, what is the easiest way to wager it to 3960 Euro? In this case, we would suggest playing with 1 Euro per spin to try to wager it up to 3960 Euro. It is possible, but very difficult. If luck is on your side. You can actually step out of the casino with more than 3960 Euro.

Casino games are all about luck, and it is possible to make large amounts of money on them. If you don’t gamble, you don’t win anything. Just remember that there is no such thing as a free bonus – there are always conditions applied.

Wagering requirements apply to most types of bonuses, whether it is free spins or deposit bonus, a typical bonus offer that doubles your first deposit up to a certain amount. It is worth mentioning though. That there are some European online casinos that offer free spins upon deposit with no conditions applied!

European casinos offering free spins

As we mentioned earlier, many casinos offer bonuses of different kinds to attract players to their site. A popular casino bonus that many casinos offer new players are free spins. These are usually given instantly upon opening an account. Below we have listed some really good European casinos that are safe and secure with great bonus offers for all players.

Is it possible to win money on free spins?

Many of you. Especially those new to online casino games. Have probably asked this question. The simple answer is yes; it is possible to win anything from a few cents to millions of dollars on free spins. In the autumn of 2014, a Norwegian guy registered an account at Betsson, a very popular casino site. He started playing with the free spins he got and won 8 Euro. When he ran out of free spins. He decided to try his luck on Mega Fortune, another slot machine, and after just a few minutes of playing, he hit the jackpot and won 88 million Euro!

So folks, it is possible to win money on free spins. The writer of this text recently won 8478 Euro on free spins at SverigeAutomaten.

Free spins rules and regulations

As we mentioned before. There are always conditions and rules applied to free spins. Normally There is always a wagering requirement on the free spins you get, which means that any winnings have to be wagered a certain amount of times. It is important to find out what the conditions are in case you win a lot of money, or if you want to make a withdrawal request. It is always a good idea to read through the casino’s rules and regulations, and check your personal account and bonus account. In your bonus account you can see how much of your bonus you have wagered so far.