Casino Money Management

Losing all of your money in one trip to the casino is simply not any fun at all. With a little common sense and some tips and techniques from old time gamblers, you may end up with a heavier pocket next time you leave the online casinos or the gambling extablishments of the real world in places like Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic city.

The first thing to understand is that it is the business of the casinos to separate you from your hard earned money. Once you understand that, you will start to see just what the casinos are up to with all their seemingly hospitable gratitude and misconstued generosities. Every move they make is calculated to derive as much cash out of the common gambling patron as possible.

One technique that you may be successful with is the time limitation rule. Allow yourself a certain amount of time to gamble. Thats not saying that you have a limited amount of time at a particular blackjack table or slot machine but rather an overall limit to gambling entirely for that session. A session can be a day or a week or a year. The longer you play, the more you will lose. The online casinos as well as the brick and mortar casinos have been established to make money. Sure, they will payout at a rate of 98% but over a period of time, the house still wins that 2%. The faster you play, the faster you will lose. Take the slots and video poker machines for example. Casinos love these machines because people when left alone tend to play faster. When there is a dealer involved, they tend to play slower. Add this to the fact that the casinos have to pay a salary to that dealer and you can see why the online casinos and the electronic gambling games at the brick and mortar casinos hvae become favorites of the casino moguls.

One advantage of playing at home in the online casinos is that you can take your time and refer to strategy charts and notes. On the other hand, if you are a casual gambler, a weekend warrior so to speak, you may end up playing too fast at the internet casinos. But think about this, you can use all kinds of cheat sheets and help books or reference charts when you are gambling from the comfort of home at the online casinos.

Know when to stop. So how DO you know when to stop? The orginazations that help problem gamblers say that you will notice that you are no longer having fun but you keep on gambling anyway. When it stops being fun, just stop gambling right then.

One way to keep your gambling to a reasonable level is to make sure that you kep your gambling and casino funds seperate from your other funds. (Don't mix church and state) Set up an amount well before you even think about entering that online casino for how much you can gamble per session, and then stick to it.

Take a look at casino deposit options if you need help to seperate your Visa card form your gambling activities.